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What is Job1America?

At Job1America, Inc. we have vast years of experience in human resource management, recruiting, staffing and financial management. We possess a long history of demonstrated commitment to providing quality service and maintaining strong client relationships honed during our careers servicing institutional and corporate clients. Job1America, Inc. is committed to providing the most qualified workforce for our clients. In addition to our own internal recruiting and staffing resources, we will utilize the services of strategic staffing suppliers, as necessary, to ensure the fulfillment of all client work orders.

  • Master Vendor Program
    We can manage your staffing suppliers so you can focus on your business.

  • Security Guard Services
    Providing security 24/7/365 to your facilities nationwide.

  • Staffing Services
    Providing on-site management of workforce to your larger facilities.
  • Minority Business
    Providing business guidance and management business practices to help your business succeed.

  • Need Minority Vendors
    We can work to identify, screen and qualify minority suppliers to meet your business diversity objectives.

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