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Job1America, Inc. is a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) providing human resource management solutions for fortune 500 companies throughout the United States.

What is Job1America?

At Job1America, Inc. we have vast years of experience in human resource management, recruiting, staffing and financial management. We possess a long history of demonstrated commitment to providing quality service and maintaining strong client relationships honed during our careers servicing institutional and corporate clients. Job1America, Inc. is committed to providing the most qualified workforce for our clients. In addition to our own internal recruiting and staffing resources, we will utilize the services of strategic staffing suppliers, as necessary, to ensure the fulfillment of all client work orders.

Our Services

Staffing, and Janitorial


Job1America Staffing Services Program provides complete on-site staffing solutions to meet your production requirements at any of your facility locations throughout the United States. 


Job1America provides quality & professional cleaning services performed by reliable employees. We use the latest cleaning methods & products to keep your facility optimally clean.

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